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KU has partnered with VeoRide to provide an affordable and sustainable transportation solution for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. You can rent traditional bicycles and e-bikes for riding on campus and to downtown Lawrence. Bikes and e-bikes must be returned to a campus bike rack or a designated downtown bike rack at the end of your ride.

How does KU Bike Share work?

KU Bike Share is a partnership with VeoRide that allows participants to rent traditional and electric-assist bikes. Bikes are parked in bike racks on the KU campus and can be reserved and unlocked using the VeoRide app.

Who is eligible to ride?

Anyone over 18 years of age can register for a VeoRide account and ride any of the KU Bike Share bikes and e-bikes.

How do I register for a VeoRide account?

Download the VeoRide app through the App Store or Google Play. Sign up for an account using your mobile phone number and a credit card.

Where can I find KU Bike Share bikes?

Bike are located at many bike racks on campus, and may be available at designated bike racks in downtown Lawrence. Use the VeoRide app to locate a bike near you.

Where should I park when I complete my ride?

You must park the bike or e-bike on campus or at one of the designated bike racks in downtown Lawrence. You will continue to accrue fees if you leave a bike/e-bike outside designated GPS perimeters.

Want to learn more about KU Bike Share?

Go to www.veoride.com/ku.