Bus Advertising Program

Buses owned or operated by the University of Kansas have overhead space for bus advertising, referred to as the “bus rails.” Advertisements in this space may be requested for registered student groups and any university department or affiliate (e.g., Unions, Athletics, etc) for their department or sponsored events.

Bus ads are posted once per month at the beginning of each month and must be approved, scheduled, and printed no later than the 20th of the preceding month. Transportation Services reserves the right to approve the content of all ads before printing.

As of FY22, there is no charge to have ads posted in KU buses, but departments/student groups are responsible for all printing and lamination costs. Subject to change at any time.

How it Works

Any student group or department who wishes to print/post ads on buses must send their information to kuonwheels@ku.edu. The message should include:

  1. Department name
  2. Contact name/email
  3. Proposed content of the ad (text or visual draft)
  4. Start and end dates

Bus ads must be designed to meet the following specifications:

Design Size10.75" x 16.75"
File TypeHigh-Resolution PDF
Lamination5mil or 7mil
Finished size11" x 17"

Expiration Date: The design must include your ad's expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY) in the bottom-right corner, in a font that is at least 0.25” tall and legible to read from 4 ft away.

We recommend using Jayhawk Ink in the Kansas Union, or any other printing company that can trim your prints to custom size and laminate to 11 x 17 final size.